Saturday, 19 May 2007

The Beginning - The Oppressed decide they've had enough.

Right. A rubber band has its limit. You keep stretching it, it'll snap off, and hit back somewhere near your fingers, sometimes causing a pricking pain.

Replace the rubber band with all Dalit students in India, and the guy stretching these rubber bands, AIIMS director P Venugopal, his cronies in the faculty, the fearless 'given-a-go-ahead' supercool meritorious general category students in AIIMS campus, and their replicants across all educational institutes in India, be it the IITs, The 'National Institutes Of Technology', The State Universities, Ooh the IIMs.
The rubber just finished the longest endurance test in history.
Pity, It just snapped off.

People, yes, all you legends mentioned above, We indeed have decided that we have had enough.

We have indeed decided that we'll not let you call us 'Sheddu', 'Chooda', 'Chamar' and the other names you have been calling us with.

Professors, We have indeed decided that we'll not let you fail us in the exams where we are supposed to score a decent total.

We have indeed decided that we'll not let you humiliate us in interviews, vivas, practicals, field trips by asking our caste everywhere.

We have indeed decided that we'll not let the bullshit go on you general category students do in the name of ragging.

We have indeed decided, we've had enough, and the violaters shall be punished severly.


Come, try it.


Ranju said...

The three member Thorat committee report (see news report in THE HINDU, May 6, 2007) on the plight of Dalit students of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi has revealed the nature of practice of caste discrimination prevalent in these ‘centres of excellence’. The report only showcases the tip of the iceberg and for that matter, further stringent measures to curb the practice of casteism in campuses are required with immediate effect.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed heartening to see the oppressed category students are standing up for their rights. It is also good that OBC reservations are on ... I wish all those faculty and the casteist students would try and taunt students entering through OBC quota ... they will be taught a lesson through violent means ... The ongoing Gujjar - Meena riots in Rajasthan are just a precursor of things to come .. where are the Anti Reservation protesters now... with the emotions running such a high picth let them go and convince the Gujjars or Meenas about merit etc ... they will be butchered .... it is indeed a long time for oppressed to turn around ...